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The Lloydtown Cairn

The Society's first project was a proposed Lloydtown historic cairn to be built to commemorate the founding of the village by Jesse Lloyd. A committee (Alex von Svoboda, Len Osin, Murray Sheardown, Alden Winter and Victor Marchant) was appointed to explore various aspects of the proposal and would present recommendations to the Society. Mr. Winter said he had permission to "exhume old stones from the original Lloydtown Mill site" and also from the Jesse Lloyd homestead. It was stated that there was "ample road allowance" for the cairn and "no foreseeable change in road plans."

The meeting agreed that it would be the executive's responsibility to draft the KTHS constitution for ratification, so before the next general meeting, May 17th at the King City Library a new constitution was presented, modeled on the Vaughan Society's document. After Doris Willoughby led the members in discussion of its provisions, the final approval came in a motion by Bill Foran and Frank Beatty. (It is still valid in 2010.)

Further business included application for charitable status; the Cairn Committee reported on the progress of the cairn plans and were empowered to raise funds for its construction, completion expected in September 1972. The Dept. of Public Records and Archives (DPRA) had already corresponded about wording for the cairn plaque.

With enthusiasm running high, members approved the plan to set up a KTHS booth at the Schomberg Fair at the end of May. Honorary membership was voted for Mr. Hodgson and Mr Roberts. However, it would not be Betty Molnar writing to the honourees as she had submitted her resignation as Secretary; Doris Winter would fill in until a new person could be appointed. The second Thursday of each month was decided for general meetings to be held at the King City Library, courtesy of Mrs. Ellis, Librarian.

At the next meeting, June 8, 1972, Ann McWilliam showed snapshots of the Fair booth with its displays of literature and maps for sale to the public. A sketch of the proposed cairn was presented by Len Osin and duly approved for implementation. Elizabeth Gillham was already planning the unveiling of the finished cairn to be held in September with a loud speaker system approved to be installed for that ceremony to amplify the remarks of invited guests: the Honorary Members; a representative from the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board; Rev. McMahon and Rev. Allerton; Mr. Hunter, Mrs. Coburn, Peter van Dyke, Mr. Quesnelle representing the School Board; Ross Lloyd; Len Osin and Murray Sheardow, key members of the Cairn Committee.

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